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S900 Card Machine from Fair PayHow Can Fairpay Help you?

Want to make your business the best in town?

We can show you how to enhance your customer service which grows your business efficiency and profitability and improve your staff retention.

Our Ethos:

  • ·We believe that no customer should be reduced to a (“merchant identification”) number. To us, you’re our customer not a “MID”
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • We believe that the merchant services industry has, for too long, taken advantage of their clients. At FairPay we want to change that by making our relationship as transparent as possible
  •  We make our money from the difference between the rate the bank give us and the rates we offer our customers. We tell all our customers what this is so they know exactly how much their business is worth to us.
  • Simple and easy to understand billing
  • Fixed Monthly fees mean there are no hidden charges or fees.

Fair Play to FairPay

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