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Ordering online – If you are a restaurant offering takeout or you want to save your guests from waiting in long lines then good news! The demand for online ordering at restaurants is growing rapidly.
Being able to take orders and payments online allows:

Higher revenue – The elimination of pressure to be quick when ordering in person means the customer has time to browse at their own pace resulting in them buying more.
Data tracking – When orders are placed through your website, you can track information such as who regular customers are, how often they order, and what they purchase, then you can target them accordingly.

Digital point of sale – POS (point of sale) restaurant technologies are widely used in the hospitality industry. A built-in stock control system will allow you to know when stock is low ensuring that you order the right stock at the right time, with relevant reports to help you make profit-enhancing decisions in a timely manner. A streamlined point of sale will reduce hours spent on admin and free up time for owners to work ‘on’ their business as opposed to ‘in’ it.

Portable card terminals – Having card terminals that aren’t fixed to any countertop allows you to take payments at guest’s tables; eliminating any queues and turning over more customers in less time. With the new A920 card terminals that clients benefit from with Fairpay, you can not only make payments at their tables but with an epos system integrated into the terminal you can take all orders at the table without having to return to your fixed POS system, and orders can be sent straight to the kitchen allowing waiting staff to spend more time giving better service to customers. These terminals are also great if you have a mobile aspect to your business such as taking your products to markets, as you can take payments anywhere in the country with our terminals that use a mobile internet connection.

Loyalty program – Its easier than ever to design a great loyalty program on a stand-alone app or integrate it with an online program. Unlike traditional punch cards, online loyalty programs provide great marketing insight through the latest restaurant technologies. You can track customer behaviour that may influence your marketing strategy. Certain programs can even track customer birthdays etc. so you can offer special vouchers to treat them.

For more information on owning your own card terminal or setting up an EPOS system for your business contact 01179 902298 or enquiries@fair-pay.co.uk

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