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So business is booming, you’ve established yourself amongst your competitors and you’re striving for growth, but the feedback from customers is always the same you don’t take card! So you’re looking to start taking card payments in order to grow your business, but what’s the best option for you?

There are different types of card payment systems :

Card Machines 

Countertop portable and mobile card machines are all an option depending on what is right for your business.

If you have a fixed POS (point of sale) such as a singular till point where people queue to pay then maybe a countertop machine is best for you as it’s fixed to one point on the counter.

If you need to be able to take the card machine to the customer and not have them need to come to you, then a portable card machine may be right for you. They’re popular in bars, cafes and restaurants, and use wifi or Bluetooth connection to let you take payments. 

Perhaps you have a mobile service or you take your service/products to events or markets, then you may want a mobile card machine that connects to a mobile network. 

The great benefit of the card terminals we use at Fairpay is that they have been innovatively designed so that a single device can not only utilise multiple communication methods but also switch seamlessly between them as conditions demand. This means sales will not be affected by a poor connection as a roaming SIM is standard in our machines assuring you of the best possible mobile coverage wherever you are across the country

Online Payments

A payment gateway is basically an online card machine.

There are a few ways to make payments online:

  • Via email- which lets you create and send an email link that’s unique to the customer so that they can pay discretely and securely. 
  • Over the phone – If a customer cant gets to you in person you can take payments over the phone, its also great if you don’t have a shop front or office.
  • Via your website – Open your site up to eCommerce and global commerce allowing you to take payments 24/7. 

So why choose Fairpay? One of the main reasons that FairPay are different is we believe that building a long term relationship with our customers is the ONLY way to build a mutually successful business. Therefore our clients’ success becomes our success.

FairPay clients…
  • own their card machines
  • get transparent, fixed price fees
  • benefit from PCI & DSS compliance as standard
  • receive great customer service!

For more information call us on 01179 902298, or email andy@fair-pay.co.uk we’d love to talk to you.

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