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Online Transactions

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As well as providing easy to use, auto switch Wi-Fi/GPRS (like a mobile phone) terminals FairPay also offer all clients the ability to accept online payments.

These are secure on-line payment platforms that are easily integrated into your existing systems and processes.

Simple Integration

Hassle free integration and can help you link to your payment page.
All major cards accepted, plus the ability to accept alternative payment methods like PayPal.

Payment Security

You and your customers can be safe in the knowledge that our SSL certificate and PCI DSS compliance ensure the highest levels of security. You are protected with fraud prevention tools, that reduce your exposure in an online 'cardholder not present' environment.

Enhanced authentication (3-D Secure) asks your customers to confirm their identity online when validating a payment. This significantly reduces your chargeback risk. Plus with tokenization and our hosted solutions, you can also reduce your PCI scope, which FairPay supports for their clients, by securely storing cardholder data away from your business.

Attract More International Customers

If you want to attract international customers, one of the best ways to do it is by offering your goods and services in their own home currency. Why?

Because customers prefer to pay in their own currency. FairPay offers the following two types of multi-currency payment solutions so your business can serve customers around the world more effectively.

Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC)

Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC) allows you to accept over 100 currencies and to settle in 17. This means you can price products and services in multiple currencies to attract international customers, enhance competitiveness and retain margin, but still settle in the single currency you choose.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) converts international card purchases to the cardholder's home currency at the time of the sale. Your customers will know exactly how much they are spending in their home currency, so no surprises when their card statement arrives. Plus the merchant bank/acquirer rebates a percentage share of the transaction value, generating additional revenue for your business.

The Transaction Authorisation Cycle - Fair Pay

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