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How we do it?

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FairPay = Integrity, Transparency, No Hidden Costs

Integrity, Transparency, No Hidden Costs

With FairPay’s deep knowledge and understanding of the Hospitality sector and our experience in merchant services, we can help you apply the latest technology to achieve your goals.

· NO CONTRACT: We provide terminal ownership to our clients so no costly rental contracts. Therefore our incentive and goal are to always provide great service so they prefer to do business with us.

· BEST RATES: Because we are not tied to one bank it means our customers always enjoy competitive rates and, as they own their terminal, we can switch them, so no cancellation fees; no fuss; no bother

· NO HIDDEN FEES: Fixed monthly fees means you always know what you will be charged.

· GREAT SERVICE: Our aim is to be the most trusted advisor and card provider in the Hospitality sector.


· First Line service and support. Account and terminal

· Roaming Sim card contract

· PCI Compliance Report Completion: avoids “Non-Compliance” fees

Customer Service

Customer ServiceFairPay believe that all our customers are just that ! Our clients, not just “merchants”.

Therefore they deserve to be treated with respect, honesty and integrity and our relationship is founded upon trust and transparency.

FairPay also believes that many business owners have come to dislike the sales strategies and approaches that many companies adopt nowadays. Whether this is the unwanted “cold call” (particularly by telephone) or the transitory visit/call from a sales person (many of whom don’t even work for the company on whose behalf they’re selling) which means once the merchant has signed on the dotted line they never see them again, leaving the customer to battle with the company’s customer service desk to answer any questions or resolve issues.

Frequently the only thing that these companies believe a business owner is interested in is the lowest price and very often cannot understand why a potential client does not want to accept their “amazing price/proposal!”

In our experience, companies who adopt this approach very often struggle to compete on anything else other than the price of their product or service. The trouble is there is usually always someone willing to offer a similar product/service cheaper than them (usually by trading off other value added (for the customer).

Card Terminals

Fair Pay Provide the S900 Card TerminalNearly all merchant services offered by any/all of the aforementioned card providers do so by tying their customers to a lease contract for the “privilege” of supplying a card (chip & pin) terminal. Ranging from £10-£30/month for up to 5 years this not only means that some merchants are paying up to £1,800 for a terminal that costs no more than £325 but should they wish to switch to another merchant bank/acquirer for more competitive (card) % rates they are faced with significant cancellation fees.

As if that wasn’t bad enough some Providers even supply used or refurbished machines whilst charging for the provision of a ‘new’ terminal.

All FairPay Customers own their terminals

Given that without a terminal it isn’t possible to take card payments we think that’s rather unfair. Therefore FairPay offer all of their clients terminal ownership. This means that our incentive is to provide the best possible service to our customers whilst regularly seeking the best market rates which means that if a client wishes to switch providers to receive better (card) rates they can do so without being penalised as there is no terminal rental contract and therefore no cancellation fees.

More on the S900 Card Terminal

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Standards Security (DSS) Compliance

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Standards Security (DSS) ComplianceThe other bane of most merchants lives is the requirement and responsibility to complete an annual PCI DSS Compliance report. Driven by PCI Security Standards Council this arcane report is required of all merchants because (from their website www.pcisecuritystandards.org) “ maintaining payment security is required for all entities that store, process or transmit cardholder data. These set the technical and operational requirements for organizations accepting or processing payment transactions”.

In addition to the report’s completion all merchants are required to conduct a quarterly scan to ensure that the compliance, to which they attested, remains intact.

If a merchant fails to complete this report or carry out the quarterly scans then their merchant bank/acquirer will charge them “non compliance” fees which can be up to £50/month.

Very often card providers are charging for DSS Compliance “service” which suggests that merchants will have this report completed on their behalf but it seems that non compliance fees are still being charged because they are not properly explaining the merchants’ responsibilities which we think is wrong and misleading.

All FairPay Customers will have their DSS Compliance report completed

To take this burden from our customers and to avoid un-necessary non compliance fees being applied, FairPay will, for a small admin charge per month (£5/month), complete all annual reports and also provide a reminder of the scheduled (by us) quarterly scan. This means that our clients just need to ensure their broadband/internet connection is working at the allotted time/date.

This should mean that none of our customers are charged non compliance fees.

Monthly Statements and Invoicing

Monthly Statements And InvoicingAnother issue and complaint we regularly hear from merchants concerns their monthly bills and what charges are applied. These questions usually include

  • How is my monthly bill is made up ?
  • Why is my bank account debited for charges for which I’ve received no statement of information ?
  • Why are some charges/information (only) available on-line whilst other charges are (only) available by post?
  • Why are my monthly charges not the same each month ?
  • Why do I have to contact a “Customer Service Dept” to understand my charges each month ?
  • Why can I never receive a clear explanation and breakdown of what each of the monthly charges are ?
  • Why do I receive no regular/monthly invoice for my terminal lease rental ? and yet the terminal provider takes quarterly  payments for the terminal rental from my bank account without first informing me.

All FairPay Customers receive a regularly monthly statement with all FIXED charges clearly explained.

At FairPay we believe that all of our customers should know exactly  what and why they are being charged. This is why, before becoming a FairPay customer all of our clients receive a summary of exactly what each monthly invoice will comprise. These are also fixed charges which means our customers know exactly what they are being charged each month, and why, which means they can budget more accurately.

Monthly Statements should be simple; transparent and fair.

Transparent Pricing

FairPay’s model is based upon providing value and support to all our clients. Why ?

Because in order to take card payments, at present, every merchant must have a means of processing those payments. It therefore seems counterintuitive to us to simply make profit from the vehicle by which a card payment is made ie the card terminal. Moreover, in our opinion, technology and the market is developing so quickly that it will not be long before terminals themselves become obsolete.

Contacless Android Apple PayIt was only 2015 when, for the first time in, well, history that more card payments were made than cash. Whilst cash will never die, in our opinion, the same cannot be said for pieces of plastic that hold our bank data. With the advent of smartphone technology (e.g. ApplePay/Google or Android Pay) and “Contactless” payments (which has been driven by the introduction of smartphone payments) which are already accepted on nearly all major terminals. it will not be long before our mobiles “talk” to equally sophisticated and flexible payment platforms. This is already evident in the way EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) tills now take/make card payments with terminals (both the traditional and other versions e.g. iPad/tablets) able to wirelessly communicate between each other (via Bluetooth) to make these transactions whilst customers are sat at their table or stood at the counter, whilst also being able to split their bill and pay by different methods (e.g. cash; card or Google Pay). This is one reason why all our terminals have EPOS integration capability.

For this reason we do not make any profit from selling the latest and best “spec’d” terminals:

  • FairPay clients can therefore choose the pricing model that best suits them, either by buying the terminal outright for £325 + vat or paying £15/month for ongoing provision of our terminals.
  • Either one receives FairPay’s great support and fixed monthly fees (£15.75) which ensures they should always be ready to quickly and easily take payments.

Fixed Monthly Fees of £12.50 for ALL FairPay Customers

  • PCI Compliance Service (charged by Fair-Pay, see above):  £5.00
  • Admin Fee (FairPay) £7.25. This covers the following
    • Terminal
    • Technical/Customer support
    • Roaming Sim Card charges.
    • Software licences
    • P2PE (Point to Point Encryption = highest security protocol available for a terminal)
    • Next working day replacement (if necessary)

This means that the only additional charges that our clients incur are the (%) card charges (dependent upon what their debit/credit card charge rates are at the time) and the (pence/transaction) “authorisation fees” which are both levied by the merchant bank/acquirer.

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